Business Segments


EB aims at bringing its products to the global defense and other authorities markets and continued its sales and marketing efforts and R&D investments into these markets in 2014. During the first quarter EB delivered a batch of special terminal devices to one customer abroad, and received several small orders from customers in Europe and in the USA, mainly intended for defense forces test and evaluation purposes, for its EB Tough VoIP phone system products developed for defense use. Customers´ purchase decisions proceeded slower than estimated, and therefore the net sales resulting from the international defense and other authority markets remained low during 2014.

In the beginning of the year EB broadened its EB Special Device Platform (SDP) by introducing an Android-based smart watch technology version. This customizable device platform enables the delivery of complete product solutions to companies aspiring to extend the reach of their brand and product offering to the smart watch market. The platform has been used in the creation of the adidas miCoach SMART RUN premium running smart watch, launched in November 2013.

In June EB told that it is developing an EB Tactical LTE Access Point solution (Long Term Evolution, 4G) alongside its tactical communications products and systems to enable the utilization of regular terminals designed for civilian use in military purposes. This solution serves to establish a wireless broadband access point to cover data transfer and a call service within a specific area of the battlefield. EB presented its expanding product portfolio at the Eurosatory 2014 exhibition in Paris.

In July EB received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces for EB Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) system products. The Finnish Defence Forces also issued a purchase option for further purchases of the same products. The purchase order and the purchase option are a continuation of the delivery contract signed between EB and the Finnish Defence Forces in September 2011 and related product deliveries that began in December 2012. In accordance with the contract EB is developing the Tactical Wireless IP Network for the Finnish Defence Forces and delivers software defined radios that are the basis for the EB TAC WIN system.

During the third quarter EB started collaboration with Qualcomm to feature the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor in the new version of its EB Special Device Platform, which was commercially available later 2014. The device platform enables customer-specific tailoring of smartphones, tablets and other products, targeted primarily for professional applications in public safety, mobile satellite services and cyber-security. EB plans to utilize the Snapdragon™ 801 processor in different wireless products that will be customized based on EB´s product platform.

In the beginning of November EB presented the new EB Tough Mobile LTE smartphone, designed and built for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety markets. The EB Tough Mobile is packed with innovative features tailored for professional users like government agencies, authorities, first responders and other professionals with critical and secure communication needs.

In the end of November EB announced a versatile and easily customizable EB IoT Device Platform. The platform offers customers a fast way to broaden their product offering into the IoT market with latest technology and optimized cost. This device platform, that supports different operating systems like Android, can be used to develop products with wireless connectivity and various sensors, such as, smart watches, intelligent jewelry, and wellness wristbands. Due to the versatility and performance of the device platform, it also suites for Industrial Internet use, for example to M2M (Machine-to-Machine) device development.