Corporate Governance Statement,
reporting period Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2014

Wireless Business Segment

In the Wireless Business Segment EB offers innovative products and solutions based on our own platforms for defense, public safety and other authorities markets, IoT markets (Internet of Things) as well as for industrial use. For the wireless communication markets and other companies who need wireless connectivity to their products, EB offers R&D services based on the latest wireless technologies and applications. EB also offers high quality information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers.

Wireless Business Segment´s products are: EB Tough Mobile LTE smartphone for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety needs, EB Tactical Wireless IP Network, EB Tough VoIP products and EB Tactical LTE Access Point for tactical communications. EB´s product platforms are EB Special Device Platform for Android-based devices and EB IoT Device Platform for development of different kind of products that need wireless connectivity and various sensors. EB SafeMove solutions enable secure, seamless connectivity for mobile workforce.

The members of the Board of Directors of the parent company of the Wireless sub-group, Elektrobit Technologies Ltd., are Jukka Harju (Chairman of the Board), Staffan Simberg, Matti Lainema (replaced Kai Hildén on December 31, 2014) and Erkki Veikkolainen (replaced Juha Hulkko on December 1, 2014). The President of Elektrobit Technologies Ltd. is Hannu Huttunen.